ALfheim Bosses are different from Sword Art Online bosses. They will react differently to every attack and will attack in new ways. A new feature is that the bosses can respawn once a player has returned to the area, but the same rewards won the first time will not be rewarded again.

Known Bosses (By Region and Race) Edit

Cait Sith (West) Edit

  • Harmonium Gouger
  • Pilfered Salamander
  • The Fortress Turtle
  • Uldia
  • Armored Mauler
  • Xexurnus
  • Corrupted Floorwalker

Gnome (Frost Areas to the North) Edit

  • Gurax
  • Alpine Mortar
  • Vlylhelf
  • Zruork
  • The Withered Bellow
  • Linnyx

Imp (Alpine Areas to the Southeast) Edit

  • Goran of Mountains
  • Rooted Fletchwind
  • The Vile Slitherhook
  • Wild Birchcrawler
  • Mazeldra
  • Contaminated Grogger
  • Cragshiv Gem

Leprechaun (Frost Areas to the North) Edit

  • Polar Juggernaut
  • Hellion Zero
  • Abominable Hunter
  • Saturnus
  • Org the Ice Giant
  • Arctic Spindlemouth

Pooka (Northwest) Edit

  • Leech Smog Colossal
  • The Living Furrow
  • Inflamed Milcrawler
  • Ravaged Whelm
  • Nordic of Sirius
  • Phylum the Wanderer

Salamander (Desert Areas to the South) Edit

  • Armored Blazerker
  • Wilthered Sand Golem
  • Zerxus of the Nile
  • Burrow Crawler
  • Tunnel Arc Swallower
  • Blind Cavestalker
  • Rift Devourer

Spriggan (Ancient Ruins Areas to the Northeast) Edit

  • Oren Templest
  • Turmenius the Shadow King
  • Tivalta the Corrupted Barren
  • Foul Lurker
  • Mire of Soven Riches
  • Argres Nightwalker

Sylph (Grasslands of the Southwest) Edit

  • Lyra Tormentor
  • Frazir of the Mist
  • Slither the Master Hunter
  • Palgruk Hellmonger
  • Clawed Troster
  • Purged Mothlinger

Undine (Wetlands to the East) Edit

  • Ifilus the King of the Dark Abyss
  • Whirlpool Kraken
  • Arius of Gentle Night
  • Terratorus
  • Harbor Veramox
  • Giant Sea Titan

The World Tree Edit

The World Tree has only one boss. However, the boss is more powerful than all ALfheim bosses combined. It will spawn once and will require top-leveled players to match its strength.

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