Full Name: Aeroku Takaiya

Age: 19, Born August 3, 2003

History: After the loss of his mother, Aeroku decided to turn to the one thing that could keep death at bay; The virtual world. There was no death in a video game, you simply respawned, and this was his escape from the cruel reality that had taken his mother in a car accident right before his eyes. Aeroku's Father, Seiga Takaiya works with the company that produces NerveGear so Aeroku had his hands on SAO on its release date and instantly fell in love.  

Personality: Aeroku is fairly reserved though he occasionally speaks up for the little when need be. Cool and collected, Aero has the ability to strategize his moves mid-battle allowing for a technical/improv battle style that is nearly unpredictable. His intelligence references IRL intelligence as he is a major tech geek and naturally gifted in the mind. He small stature is compensated by his speed and agility, a necessary adaption that he has developed over many gaming hours. His low charisma is reflected by his IRL social awkwardness though he does have valid points to make every now and again.

Future Occupation: Solo Player


Strength: 15

Constitution: 14

Dexterity: 23

Intelligence: 21

Charisma: 13

Willpower: 20

Perception: 12

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