Leather Armor PiecesEdit

Leather Helmets - Straw Hat, Head Wrapping, Headcloth, Wimple, Felt Hat, Woolon Cap, Fur Hat, Leather Cap,  Horned Cap, Padded Coif, Leather Steppe Cap,  Leather Helmet, Cap with Fur, Skullcap,  Leather Helmet with Rings, Leather Coif

Leather Body Armors - Linen tunix, Pelt Coat, Rawhide Coat, Leather Tunic w/vest, Fur Coat, Tabard, Kaftan, Leather Vest, Leather Armor, Steppe Armor, Aketon, Gambeson, Skirmisher Armor, Leather Jerkin, Light Leather, Padded Armor, Padded Leather, Mail Shirt w/Fur, Lamellar Vest, Brigandine over Aketeon, Studded Leather Vest

Leather Gauntlets - Leather Gloves, Leather Gauntlets, Mail Mittens, Light Lamellar Gloves

Leather Greaves - Hide Boots, Leather Boots, Studded Hide Boots, Studded Leather Boots, Leather Greaves, Light Lamellar Boots, Light Mail Boots

Light Metal Armor PiecesEdit

Light metal Helmets  - Mail Coif,  Footman Helmet, Segemented Helmet, Helmet w/neckguard, Spiked Cap, Kettle Hat with Padded Coif, Flat Topped Helmet, Iron Hat with Padded Coif, Kettle Hat, Cavalry Helmet, Kettle Helmet, Broad Brimmed Kettle Helmet, Roman Helmet,  Bascinet, Conical Helmet, Onion Top Bascinet, Clibanarius Helmet, Bascinet with Aventail, Pronoria Helmet, Bascinet with Nose Guard, Dhapel de Fer

Light Metal Body Armor- Byrnie, Mail Shirt, Mail Hauberk, Tunic w/mail, Heraldic Mail, Haubergeon, Surcoat w/mail, Chain Vest, Chainmail, Studded leather w/mail, Brigandine w/mail, Banded Armor, Brigandine, Light Mail and plate, Full Lamellar Armor, Double Mail, Scale Armor

Light Metal Gauntlets - Mail Gauntlets, Wisby Gauntlets, Scale Gloves, Scale Gauntlets, Lamellar Gauntlets, Plate mittens, Light Plate Gauntlets

Light Metal Greaves - Mail greaves, Mail Chausses, Leather Greaves over Mail, Splinted Greaves, Mail Boots, Lamellar Greaves

Heavy Metal Armor PiecesEdit

Heavy Metal Helmets - Warlord Helmet, Open Sallet, Nikolskoe Helmet, Barbuta, Open Sallet with Mail Coif, Barbutte, Faceplate, Varangopoulos Bascinet, Zitta Bascinet with Faceplate, Klappvisier, Pigface Klappvisier, Great Helm, Sallet with Visor, Sallet with Visor and Mail Coif, Milanese Sallet, Armet, Weimar Helmet

Heavy Metal Body Armor - Coat of Plates, Mail & Plate, Corrazina Armor, Heavy Lamellar Armor, Transitional Plate, Transitional Plate w/Surcoat, Heradic Transitional Plate, Plate Armor, Churburg Cuirass, Gothic Plate, Heavy Plate Armor, Milanese Plate, Gothic plate w/Bevor, Transitional Plate w/Bevor, Plate armor w/Bevor

Heavy Metal Gauntlets - Plate Gauntlets, Heavy Plate Gauntles, Hourglass Gauntlets, Heavy Lamellar Gauntlets

Heavy Metal Greaves - Plated Greaves, Plate Boots, Cased Greaves, Heavy Lamellar Greaves

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