Display Name: Arrek

Full Name: Arrekusu Rei

Age: 14 (trapped in SAO for 2 years)

Title (If I can have it): The White Swordsman

Character Design: My character has black hair that looks like Kirito's. His eyes are a bright orange and is 5ft 6in and uses one handed swords. He looks like this>>>>>>>

History: Arrekusu was a regular 12 year old boy that really got into VR games, leading him to find Sword Art Online. He instantly fell in love with the game, playing for hours and as time passed he decided to log out when he was greeted by a blank space with the log out icon. He tried clicking it to see if it would work, but nothing happened. Arrekusu then noticed he couldn't get out. He ran around asking beta testers about this and tried to call the GM, but as soon as that force teleport happened and the GM came out to show that it wasn't a defect. He finally gave up. He thought he would lose the game and die at the first hostile mob he encountered, and gave up. After a while, Arrekusu joined a guild, quickly ranking up to Co-Leader of the guild, but as he watched the whole guild die trying to protect him, he knew he had to fight, for them. He trained himself to his max capability and beyond. He has since become The White Swordsman, wereing white clothes and having a white Sword called the Liberator, a rare mob drop. His clothes include A coat called Coat of Whitewyrm (yes, i know a white version of a Blackwyrm coat kirito uses).

Future Occupation: Solo Player


Strength: 23

Constitution: 20

Dexterity: 24

Intelligence: 25

Charisma: 18

Willpower: 25

Perception: 20

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