In-Game Name- Azazel

Age- 19

Height- 6'5"

Eyes- Greyish Blue

Hair- Long, Black

Body Structure- Broad, Built, Agile

Skin Tone- White

General Appearance- (Incognito) Dark blue sleeved armor with black accents, a blue hood, black gauntlets and black boots. (LC) Short black and blue cloak over sleeveless armor w/ hood, skull of wolf over face, wolf pelt gauntlets with the teeth of a wolf along the knuckles. Large scar across the left cheek. Laughing Coffin tattoo on the left shoulder, tribal pattern sleeve tattoo along the rest of the left arm. Exactly 34 tally marks across the right bicep, half sleeve tattoo of blood dripping from right forearm.

Weapons- 7' long double bladed glowing blue retractable staff, dual bladed white tonfas.

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