Shadow Warrior

Characters Real Life Name:Blake hunter

Characters In-Game Name:Apollyon

Age and Birthday (Game Started on November 6th, 2022):16 12/30/2006


Future Occupation (Choose as many that you want to be within reason. Feel free to create your own "type" of class as well if you don't like the ones listed. They will need to be approved so include a description of what it is!): Guild Member Player Killer Thief Tamer

Statistics (See Attributes):


All statistics are based on numbers 1-25.

Strength: 21







Character backstory:As a child he grew up in a very good home. His family was very wealthy and powerful. Blake was homeschooled for most of his life his parents hired the best tutors they could afford. When he was 13 his parents got into a bad car crash coming home one night from a party. The driver of the other car was drunk and headed into oncoming traffic colliding head on with his parents. his parents were declared dead on the site. Blake went to live with his grandmother since she was his godmother. When Blake was 14 he started to fall into a bad crowd becoming more and more of a delinquent. He was taught to either kill or be killed. When blake was 15 he heard about sao coming out november 2022 wanting to get but not having enough money. Blake started trying his hardest to become less of a delinquent to try to persuade people to give him a job to buy the game with so he did not have to steal it. While he will steal he is not to excited about going to juvie which he has only had to gone very few times. So trying not to steal again he decided that he would pay for it. It took him a few months but when Sao was finally released he had enough money to buy it. When he got it home he instantly ran to his room and try it out.

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