Bloody Vampire
Bloody Vampire
Vital statistics
Type Melee
Effects Paralysis
Source {{{source}}}
Cost to buy 30 col
Cost to sell 35 col

The Bloody Vampire is Segra's newest weapon. It is a stainless steel sword with two jagged protrusions shaped like vampire fangs coming from just above the handle. It has the ability to deal a paralysis effect on critical hits.

While the Bloody Vampire is an effective sword, it is not much better than the Redemption. If it is ever disarmed, it will not cause Segra to become mentally unstable. Reasoning as to why Segra's Redemption sword is the only weapon to cause this outburst is still unknown.

It's stats, overall, are not much higher than Redemption, (only exceeding its damage by a few points). Though it is not very powerful, its design is meant to instill fear and intimidation into the enemies before it.

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