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Current Baron of Sargoth (Alpha Test)

Anime guy
Basic Info
Full Name Brett Webber
Player Type

Beater, Clearer, Solo Player, Tamer (Maybe Guild later on)

Birth Date August 31st, 2006
Age 14
Gender Male
Status Alive
Hometown Stafford
Family Uncle-Simon


Brett Webber is the son of a Special Air Service (SAS) soldier, with his mother dying giving birth to him. From a young age, he was taught survival skills and hand to hand combat. In his spare time he enjoyed playing MMOs and all types of games. His father was very strict but respected Brett, however, his dad never liked how much time he spent playing games. So he made sure Brett stayed physically active with sports like track, football, and other things.

One day, during one of his birthdays, terrorists attacked his house demanding the current location of his father, with him being out buying a cake for Brett's birthday. When this information was revealed, they did not believe it and began shooting Brett's family and friends one by one for the actual location. By the time Brett's father returned, all of his friends and family at the house was dead, with the terrorists keeping Brett at gunpoint demanding the location of his father. When his father entered the room, Brett ran towards him, seeking a form of safety, with the cell leader firing his gun at Brett. However, his father stepped in front of the bullet to protect his son, with the police arriving in force after one of the neighbors heard repeated gunshots. The paramedics were called to try treating the wounded man, but he perished from the injury, much to the despair of Brett, who was unable to shed a single tear because of his newly developed Survivor's Guilt.

With a majority of his friends and family dead, Brett became an outcast by his remaining friends, being called a curse because of the fact the terrorists came after his family. With his only returning family being in Japan, he moved with his uncle to try getting over his past though the memories of the incident were engraved in the depths of his soul. Every single night he recalls the incident, with his uncle becoming concerned about his mental status and confronted him about it, with Brett no longer being able to bottle his emotions.

However, even though he was able to finally get over the tragic past, his life was not fully back to normal however, his grades weren't the best, he rarely talked with his classmates, and he often spent his free time playing games or training. The only benefit he got from this was a strong determination.

After a few years passed, he was lucky enough to become a Beta Tester of an upcoming VRMMORPG: Sword Art Online, with him playing SAO on a daily basis during the beta. When Akihiko Kayaba announced SAO's change, Brett's suppressed memories came back in a hailstorm.


Brett finds it difficult to socialize with people, but he does respect those that he befriends. He has no hesitation whatsoever to helping people that are in danger, but after he helps them, he leaves without saying a single word. He sometimes gets really protective over his friends when people are being mean, to the point of letting his anger take over and lashes out.

Breif Description:Edit

When growing up Brett lived a decent put strike life with only his father. Brett is an expert in hand to hand combat as well as knife skills and disarming. He also has good stamina and body endurance with a powerful willpower. He is a tall boy for his age with decent amount of muscle making him look easily 15-16. He has short black hair and deep blue eyes, but still has that childish look. He use to be outgoing until that day, now there are only few people he call's friends.

  • One Handed Sword
  • Sprint
  • Parry
  • Acrobatics
  • Leather Equipment
Weapon ???
Level ???
HP ???
Skill Slots ???
Strength ???
Constitution ???
Dexterity ???
Intelligence ???
Charisma ???
   Willpower ???
Perception                                               ???
Theme Song
Full metal panic opening full03:39

Full metal panic opening full

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