Bureidosupin is translated as "Blade Spin" in Japanese. It is a special skill that comes from experience and practice with weapons (mostly handheld weaponry). Bureidosupin is classified as a "unique skill" because you must become proficient in using swords to effectively use this skill.

Buzzsaw Blade Spin

Bureidosupin ("Blade Spin")

The basis of this special skill is implied strictly in the name of the attack. The "Blade Spin" is a special attack that allows the user to "turn" into a buzzsaw blade that cuts through anything in its spin. Two weapons must be used to activate this skill.

Prerequisites Edit

  • Duel Blades Skill acquired.
  • Speed must be increased each time for usage. (Helpful skills include "Sprint" skill)
  • Duel weapons of the same type must be used.

Physics Edit

This ability, while effective, is extremely hard to obtain in SAO. A player must have a great amount of stamina to maintain the spin during the usage. A cutting surface (flesh, trees, etc...) must come within contact with the spin to enable it to maneuver around the surface. The speed at which the user travels during the attack solely depends on how fast the user was prior to activation.

Bureidosupin Edit

The skill of the Bureidosupin is only for those who can maintain their physical prowess. Speed, weapon type, and material are all key factors to using it. Two of the same types of weapons must be used in order to activate. After all, you cannot hold a spin with a hammer and an axe weapon simultaneously.

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