SAO Sargoth Map Markers


The Castle Of Sargoth is located in the grasslands with a medium sized village surrounding a large castle. Here you can see a small fishing pond with several rowboats scattered along the shore. A few small farms can see farther outside in the landscape but cannot be reached due to an invisible wall. Upon walking inside of the village you would locate a few NPC vendors selling Food, Weapons, Armor, and Reagents. However if you attempted to make a transaction their menus would seem empty. Inside the walls of the castle would be a stable, treasury, granary, and keep. The treasury seems to be only available to whoever holds the landed title of "Baron of Sargoth". After entering the keep a large lobby. To the left of the lobby was a spiral staircase that led to several bedrooms. Straight ahead opened up into a large dining area and a kitchen off to the side. To the right was a finely decorated living area and farther in behind locked doors was a strategy room.


To the Roots

Current Baron Of Sargoth- Brettski

Current Courtiers Of Sorgoth- KusuMasaru, Solaris, Mikuya and Malx

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