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The combat system is split between the roleplay aspect and the actual numbers (Damage) aspect.


  • Depending on the circumstances combat can be completely settled through quality roleplay without the need to rely on the number aspect.  This should be the main form of combat.
    • For example, a higher level character can be out-performed by a lower level player to an extent.
  • This is done by typing out what your character does in response to what is happening around him or her.

Numbers (Damage) Aspect

  • This is a reference of what your character is actually capable of doing.
    • A Character with low strength isn't going to be able to chop straight through a heavily armored enemy.
  • Sword Art Online is a numbered based game, the higher your skills are the more powerful you are.
    • A level 100 Character wouldn't realistically be able to lose to a level 65 character in head to head combat.
  • This type of combat requires admin authorization.

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