Constitution is determines how resilient is against damage.  This is mainly an in-game feature as pain tolerance is lightened via the system settings.


  • Increases a character's hit points
  • Helps with leveling the following skills

Now you may ask “How do I figure out what I gain?   Simply follow this formula:

250 + (x-1)150 + x(y*5)

  • Level = “x
  • Constitution = “y

This is where the numbers comes from.

  • “250” is the base starting health.
  • “x-1(150)” is the formula that gives you bonus life each level you go up.
  • “x(y*5)” is the formula that gives you bonus life based on your constitution.


A level 1 with 25 constitution:

  1. 250+(1-1)150+1(25*5)
  2. 250+0(150)+1(125)
  3. 250+0+125
  4. 250+125
  5. 375 HP

A level 20 with 15 constitution:

  1. 250+(20-1)150+20(15*5)
  2. 250+19(150)+20(75)
  3. 250+2850+1500
  4. 3100+1500
  5. 4600 HP

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