Crazel the Lost-0

Crazel the Lost (Demonic Form)

Crazel the Lost is the guardian of the eight floor of Castle Incrad, and is unique in both his appearance and how he fights players. His lair is molten lava boiling on the ground and large, rocky pillars that travel high from the ground to the ceiling of the room. These pillars are the only method to avoid burning to death in the lava lake inches below the players' feet.

Appearance Edit

Crazel the Lost is another of the similar-named bosses that inhabit Castle Incrad.

Lost is defined as: "having gone astray or missed the way; bewildered as to place or direction".

Crazel the Lost
Crazel the Lost-0
Demonic Wanderer
Vital statistics
Title Red Titan
Gender Male
Race Demon God
Faction Demon
Health 1600HP
Level Moderate
Status Active
Location Floor 8
Crazel the Lost is the only form of its other four brothers that appears as a truly demonic like form. Most of its four brothers are decayed or, in the sense, lacking of some physical feature that makes a demon. Crazel the Lost trails in the path of destruction of any being that chooses to enter its domain.

Power and Abilities Edit

Crazel the Lost possess amazing strength and speed and is easily capable of navigating his room without trouble. His entire floor is covered in boiling lava and creates an obstacle for players to avoid falling in to. His primary weapon of choice is a large pitchfork or trident weapon that can pierce through the rock pillars easily. For the most part, Crazel will toy with and mock his opponents while planning on how to kill them off.

His power changes as players attempt to adapt and move about the room. His abilities are not known to be anything special, but, he is able to use a special vision known as "Second Sight" which allows him to see through solid obstalces and find players attempting to hide around the rock pillars.

Final Hit Bonus Item Edit

Devil's Heart
Devil's Heart
Devil's Making
Vital statistics
Type One-Handed Daggers
Effects Standard Damage
Source Crazel the Lost
Cost to buy N/A
Cost to sell N/A
Defeating Crazel the Lost with the final hit awards the player with:

Devil's Heart is a remarkable, yet dangerous weapon that inflicts pain on both the victim and the wielder. In order for the Devil's Heart to inflict as much damage as possible, the wielder must be willing to shed some of their own blood to feed the blade.

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