Crazel the Mutilated is the guardian boss on Floor 7 of Castle Incrad. As with its other four brother bosses, Crazel the Mutilated offers a completely different style of fighting than any other.

Crazel the Mutilated
Crazel the Mutilated
Harbor of Death
Vital statistics
Title Undead Messenger
Gender Male
Race Undead
Faction Boss
Health 1300HP
Level Moderate
Status Active
Location Floor 7

Appearance (Cloaked Form) Edit

Mutilated is defined as: "to injure, disfigure, or make imperfect by removing or irreparably damaging parts".

By this definition, Crazel appears as a broken and nearly decayed being. His primary form is a tall, robed figure with large horns that protrude from the head and shoulders. The weapon of choice is a large scythe with a flaming mace ball on the opposite end. The secondary weapon of choice a longsword weapon that's gripped firmly in the left hand.

Appearance (Slaughtered Form) Edit

Crazel in his second form will occur when its health has been depleted to half of its original amount. In this form, Crazel's base stats have increased slightly, and its appearance becomes much more grotesque. It's secondary form gains it a special ability that can help to inflict damage on a player.

Much of its appearance in this stage resembles a rotting corpse that glances around the field with two, gleaming, red eyes. The horns take on a more deformed shape as the cloak disintegrates away into ash.

Crazel (Slaughtered)

Crazel the Mutilated (Slaughtered Form)

Special Ability Edit

Crazel's second form holds a special ability that allows it to deal a large amount of damage one time to a single player. This ability is known as: "Grave Wipe". This special ability summons gravestones from the floor and enhances a regeneration effect on its health.

Appearance (Forsaken Form) Edit

Crazel (Forsaken)

Crazel the Mutilated (Forsaken Form)

Crazel's third form is his final transformation form (being activated when his health reaches below 25% of the original amount). This form completely dissolves all organic matter that remains on its body, leaving behind only its bony infrastructure. Its horns devolve further and become literal entities of its body as a whole part. Its wrists are shackled and bound with heavy chains. If these are broken (by players or by Crazel himself) then his additional power will be released, allowing him to fire projectiles of blue fire at players.

Special Ability Edit

This form also has a unique ability that evolves along with it. This ability is known as: "Soul Severance". This ability allows Crazel to draw energy from players and effectively drain their health slowly. Depending on the number of players also determines the rate of health that is drained. Solo fighting is a better strategy to fighting this boss only to prevent a large amount of health being taken from the whole team.

Special Item Edit

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