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Damage is what will be inflicted on enemy players or monsters in order to kill them.  If it’s needed to calculate damage this is how it is done:

Damage Calculation


  • “x” = Weapon's base damage value
  • “y” = Strength
  • “z” = Dexterity

This formula is much more complicated.  


A character is using a dagger that does 5 damage.  He has 15 strength and 25 dexterity.

  • 5+5(.15)+.25[5+5(.15)]
  • 5+5(.15)+.25(5+.75)         Round UP.
  • 5+5(.15)+.25(6)
  • 5+1+.25(6)
  • 5+1+1.5
  • 5+1+2
  • 6+2
  • 8 Damage.

To avoid doing this work, please see Roleplay.

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