The busiest of all the places to be in Direhollow is its massive market. Goods of all known origins manage to find their way here where players may purchase these items. Weapons, crystals, gear, cooking ingredients; you name it, this market will have it somewhere. The vendors and market managers all want to sell you things for greater prices, but any good consumer knows that a little haggling can go a long way to better prices for one's own benefit.

Market (street)

Market street

Vendors and Salesmen Edit

The vendors and salesmen of the market are programmed to grab any player that they can get and charge for a higher price than what the player would likely want to pay. This strategy is designed to bring more customers and, on occasion, swindle a player out of saving some money. Most of the time these NPC's will try to persuade players to pay a little extra for finer things; a common selling technique. Scare tactics, false information, and frantic gestures to intimidate players into buying these items.

Items, Gears, Weapons, and Equipment Edit

All items that are sold here depend on what is available. Many items sold at the market include the various weapons and armors that appear throughout the game. These items can range anywhere from small daggers to massive axe weapons. Specialized gear, items, and equipment can also be purchased here.

Market (Afternoon)

Marketplace (Afternoon)

Purpose Edit

The market's purpose is to attract customers who are willing to depart of their money in exchange for goods. Parts of the market are open for high paying customers that pay out large sums of money for better gear than what others might pay. In fairness, the market is always open and has hundreds of items, weapons, and equipment ready and willing to sell to anyone willing to pay for them.



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