Display Name : FarDur

Real Name : Fahru Takahara

Age : 17

History : Fahru is a half Indonesian half Japanese, his father was Indonesian will his mother was Japanese. however his face clearly Japanese, thus his mother genes was dominant.

During his middle school, he always bullied because his foreigner background and unsociable nature, this was leading to the event he broke his friend leg, which making him more unsociable and cold.

At first he didn't have interest in MMO, stating if we can hold a real sword, he will interested in one. he was more interested in sport, especially Kendo which he was praised by teacher due to his skill. However, when he heard about "Sword Art Online", he was somewhat interested and ultimately, become one of the beta testers.

During Kayaba's speech at the first launch of SAO, he like the most beta testers, abandoned the new player and labeled as Beater.

Appearance : Fahru is a bit slim, average height of Japanese boy, Black haired and had a Bluish-Black eyes. in SAO he customized his eyes into green.

Personality : Due to his background, he was unsociable, rude and cold to the other. if he angered by any mean, he will treated people like trash. However, toward his friend he was gentle and willingly protect them, though his sarcastic manner still present.

Future Occupation : Beater and Clearer

Statistic :

STR : 20 "indicate the player's raw power"

DEX : 24 "indicate the player's agility and speed"

CON: 18 "Indicate the player's vitality and immunity"

CHR: 19 "Indicate the player's charisma"

INT : 21 "Indicate the player's intelligence"

PER : 5 "Indicate the player's awareness"

WIL : 21 "indicate the player's bravery and will"

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