Floor 2

Second Floor's Grassy Fields

Appearance Edit

Floor 2 of Castle Incrad is a luscious paradise with vast fields of green grass, blue skies, and several large-scale cities that stand tall all across the region. In many parts of the floor, creatures and towns clash in an art of common occurrence. The sun shines brightly over every inch of the magnificent scenery. Small villages dot the landscape and carry carts of goods to and from their bustling terrains.

Locations (Towns) Edit


Building style of Direhollow Town

Each town is designed and treated as a welcoming place to all new visitors. The towns are named and listed as follows:

  • Direhollow
  • Freystall
  • Salthelm
  • Lakevale
  • Khamyur
  • Thomrigh
  • Dharndorth
  • Stagchill
  • Moonwood
  • Bearglen
  • Nightgale
  • Roguemoor

    Snow-covered town of Stagchill

Locations (Miscellaneous) Edit

Forests/Woods Edit

  • Zykit Grove
  • Greater Hawk Woods

Ranges/Fields Edit

  • Flolons Range
  • Colophon Grassland
  • Tlemez Expanse

Swamps/Marshes Edit

  • Vrush Basin
  • Vlib Marsh
  • Pyemn Swamp

Rivers/Ponds/Lakes Edit

  • Gnelz Cove
  • Mukuq Pond
  • Cleth Cove

Seas/Oceans Edit

  • Tloqyrs Gulf
  • Ezri Abyss
  • Cuwad Bay

Islands Edit

  • Rylod Enclave
  • Vlist Atoll

Locations (Cities) Edit

  • Yrence
  • Khale
  • Prona
  • Timon
  • Frirmouth

Monsters Edit

  • Ash Wyverns
  • Lusting Atranochs
  • Townsfolk Rats
  • Vanished Specters
  • Starved Grogwelpers
  • Gale Trackers

Region/Floor Map (Draft Representation) Edit

Floor 2 Map-0

Floor 2 has several regions to explore including mountain ranges, forests, lakes, rivers, oceans, and swamps and marshes. Many of the areas are rich with quests to complete and the massive stone tower that houses the second boss: Baran the General Taurus

Quests Edit

Details in: Floor 2 Quests

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