The town of Freystall is a town well worth venturing to when one wants to see great buildings and beautiful scenery. Several sections of the city are dedicated to artists, statues, and stunning parks to relax in.


Freystall Town

Imports/Exports Edit

Freystall is known for crafting weaponry and special gears for players of all variants and preferences. The town is vastly greater in size than its neighbor Direhollow Town. The building style adds to the imports/exports of the town's value. Carts carrying the goods come in by the dozens everyday. Because of its size, Freystall has two markets to accommodate for the number of customers passing through it.

Appearance Edit

The entire town is built almost like a fortress. Giant walls extend across the vast perimeter of the town. Inside, floating rocks create a giant scenery of another world. The style of building material is very similar to late 16th Century architecture. Bell towers and large, layered buildings populate the busy streets. A vast system of flowing rivers washes and wanes through the town, creating several bridges being constructed to allow easy passage.

Locations Edit

  • Freystall Market
  • Drove Market
  • Sanctum Park
  • Bayard Bridge
  • Goliath Tower

Known Organizations Edit

So far, none of the Guilds that might have been formed in Sword Art Online have established any sort of Headquarters within the city walls. Any location that will be available for sale will be put into context when locations arise to the occasion.

Quests Edit

Some quests do have level minimums and/or maximums depending on the difficulty of said quest.

Some quests are repeatable. These quests are recognized by Italics.

None of theses quests are required to continue through the game, as in order to progress it is the Dungeons that need to be cleared, but may help with learning skills or leveling up. However, due to some Players preferring to Grind may make it difficult for Players to complete their quests.

Any questions, please seek help with BenderGreg1789

Each city has their own specific type of quest. These quests can even be accepted at one town, and turned in at a different town. The quests of Freystall Town are shown as follows:

Hunting Quests Edit

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