Fukisokuna tōken ( 不規則な刀剣) means Irregular Swords in Japanese. This skill allows palyer to use 1 Main One-handed curved sword and  two or three dagger-legth short sword.


There's 5 technique who can be learn, to learn this, you must find an Samurai look NPC in
Coral, 22th floor. he will show the technique just one time each. And one technique will added into list. But if the player is good enough, he/she will get more than one. this 5 techniques it's just the basics. palyer can combine it into 60 different techniques. and the basics are :

Vendetta : 2 Combo

Flying Swallow : 4 Combo

Pouring Rain : 8 Combo

Swallows Peck : 16 Combo

Shigure Shoen Final Strike : 24 Combo


It said that the one who receive this technique is has a balance between speed, strength and Sword control. This style, rivaled holy sword in term of strength and dual swords in term of dexterity. Unlike those two, this skill is must be used often to gain the fully control. more often you train the style, sooner you mastered it. However, when you don't train it for too long, the level of control will be decreased.

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