Canon Anime guilds:

The Knights of the Blood Oath- The Knights of the Blood Oath is a medium-size high-level clearing guild in Aincrad. With around thirty high leveled members who are all greatly experienced in battle, they are acknowledged as the lead guild in SAO. Their uniforms are styled in red and white.

The Aincrad Liberation Force- Commonly called: The Army, the ALF is the largest guild in Aincrad with around 3,000 players, they once led the frontlines until floor 25. Their members are usually seen wearing identical suits of armor.

The Holy Dragon Alliance- The Holy Dragon Alliance, or the Divine Dragon Alliance is Aincrad's most active clearing guild. They are considered as one of the top guilds in SAO, they possess a one-sided rivalry with the KoB, since they wish to hold the title of strongest guild. Unlike the KoB, they are secretive about information and have their own farming grounds. The DDA has over twice as many members as the KoB.

Laughing Coffin- Laughing Coffin is an infamous Pker (player killer) orange guild in Aincrad, but due to the intensity of their player killing activity, they are also known as the Red Guild.

Black Cats of the Full Moon- The Black Cats is a mid leveled guild that exist in Aincrad. Aside from a single member, everyone in the guild knew each other in real life. All but 2 members perished in a trap and the leader of the guild joined the rest of his friends in the beyond.

RP Guilds:

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