Illfang's Boss Room is the only place where Illfang the Kobold Lord spawns. Illfang only resides in this room as well as its minions: The Ruined Kobold Sentinels.
Boss Room

Illfang's Boss Room

Appearance Edit

The room is at the top of the large tower labyrinth on the First Floor of Castle Incrad. It is protected behind two large doors. Once opening the doors, the lights power on, revealing a large room with tall ceilings. The ceiling, walls, and the floor are plastered in strange blob shapes with various colors shining in them. The floor reflects these lights all across the room. At the opposite end of the room, Illfang's throne stands. Illfang sits on the throne, awaiting its first challengers to fight.

Illfang fully intends to win and kill all who dare to oppose him in his own room.

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