Jackal Trickster

The Jackal Trickster is a special holiday boss. Its purpose is to defy all means of the system and mess with players. Its body is slim with orange fur and light brown spots on its belly, tail, neck, and the inside of its ears. It also has a red bib with pink hearts sketched on it.

Hijinks Edit

This boss is meant as a "joke" boss and is supposed to intimidate players. It is outside the limits of SAO and is not bound by the rules. It is able to teleport to any floor in Castle Incrad, utilize tricks of deception and imagery, and mocks players with its annoying laugh.

Physical Scale Edit

Because this boss is small and only appears for the one day, it only has 1HP. Its slender body gives this boss an increase in agility, speed, and dexterity.

Legend and Rumors Edit

Stories about the Jackal Trickster state that it is impossible to catch. Its antics and being able to work outside the rules of the Cardinal System enable it to easily dodge even the highest player's attacks. If, somehow, a player does kill the boss, it will drop an extremely rare, one-of-a-kind item.

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