True Name: Jack Trjönberg

Display Name: Jirou

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Future Occupation: Clearer

Weapon of choice: A longsword

Fighting Style: Slow, yet strong strikes

Relatives: Mikko Trjönberg (Father) Ayame Trjönberg (Mother)

Personality: INTJ, Cynical yet outgoing. A friend of dark humor. Often blunt and thus can be quite offensive. Gets angered quite easily.

State of Wellbeing: Sane, but has some panic attacks often.

Goals: To survive the game of death, and gather reputation within the players.


Jack was born in Vaasa, Finland. Where he lived the fifteen years of his life. While there, his father worked in a Finnish phone company. The family often went to Tokyo, Japan to visit the family of Jack's mother. And eventually, the family decided to move there themselves, even tough Jack has disliked the idea to this very day. He was forced to move along with his parents.

Jack did not quite fit in with the rest of the students, he being the only foreigner. Neither did everything go well with the teachers, because in Finland Jack never had to address people with titles and last names. And thus he looked quite disrespectful, while being oblivious to it himself.  Jack often got into fights with other students, mostly due to his nature of being angered easily. Jack knew Japanese and English well enough to understand what others spoke, but he prefered to isolate himself. He spent his days reading manga, and playing games.

Jack was introduced to the VRMMORPG genre via news, and he bought the NerveGear and almost missed out the sale for SAO due to sleeping quite late. But he managed to get one of the final copies that were being sold. When he got home, first thing he did was to plug the NerveGear in, and start the game. Creating the character named "Jirou" and entering the world of Sword Art Online..

Armory, Weaponry & AttributesEdit

Jirou wields a longsword which he mostly uses while in combat.
Albion Munich Medieval Sword 6

Jirou's longsword

It's quite simple, yet elegant. The sword is capable of being used to do fast strikes that can shred a foe into tiny bits. But Jirou focuses onto strong, slow and accurate strikes.

Jirou's armory is simple. A white t-shirt, covered by an open black jacket, black jeans and thick black gloves.

Based on numbers 1 - 25

Strength: 17

Constitution: 10                    

Dexterity: 5

Intelligence: 15

Charisma:  3

Willpower: 9

Perception: 4

Can someone put this in for character approval please.  I'll deal with it there!

Cantalyssa (talk) 01:24, March 2, 2013 (UTC)

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