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Basic Information
Kai (in game avatar)

Full Name

Kai Socrius

Player Type

Beater, Solo Player, Clearer

Birth Date

May 31, 2002








Originally born in the United States, Kai moved to Japan to study Computer Science and Programming. He is a dedicated gamer that always found respite in the form of online games, which mostly included MMORPGs, RTSs, and MOBAs. He is very non-social kind of person, given that society seemed to bite back at him whenever he tried his best to make friends. In fact, one of these incidents made him unwilling to start relationships with the female gender past friendship. Another incident within a school club caused him to ignore group solicitors when it became evident that he was only needed for his smarts. When he was not studying or gaming, Kai would make frequent visits to the Argus Headquarters.

Later, Kai was submitted into the Beta Test, and was always logged in whenever time allowed. Sword Art Online had fulfilled his dreams due to players' being of the avatar inside the game. After the official release, Kai wasn't exactly surprised when Kayaba Akihiko announced Death Game. After the rise of the Beater term, Kai cut ties with the negative and set off on his own; the way he was used to.


Kai is a very reserved person, barely speaking unless called to. He usually keeps to himself, which may result in the disadvantage of others. He is prone to making out-of-character outbursts when frustrated or bored with the current situation. He hates giving free information, though that matter falls upon the situation at hand. He is wary of people who have not befriended him (and he has few friends at that) but will dedicate himself to protecting those friendships. With his experience in other RPGs and MOBAs, Kai is an exceptional shotcaller, but most of his calls go unheard. Besides this, he is not very discouraged when this happens, but that will come to change during Death Game...

All statistics are based on numbers 1-25.
Strength: The physical strength of a character
Constitution: Resilience of a character
Dexterity: Agility of a character
Intelligence: Problem-solving ability
Charisma: Social skills
Willpower: Mental resistance
Perception: Openness to a surrounding; ability to see


Note: Italicized skills indicate skills that have been gained within the last week.

  • One Handed Straight Sword
  • Blade Throwing Set
  • Sprint
  • Parry
  • Leather Equipment

To be added later:

  • Searching
  • Tracking

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