Kano's appearance

Full Name: Trevor Grant
Player Type: Player Killer, Thief, Clearer, Guild member
Birth Date: November 5th, 2006
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Family: Kristopher Grant (Father),Catarina Grant (Mother)



Trevor Grant was a typical child. His mom and dad made sure he had everything he needed for school and they lived in a decent two bedroom house. He was popular with the kids around school and neighborhood from how he wasn't a push over.

Eventually, he became a teenager on up to fifteen years old. His birthday was coming up and he'd heard that another Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online game was coming out. He'd read that all of the games so far had came out with very bad graphics. Sword Art Online was suppose to be different. He loved games. All things electronic basically. He was on his phone one day and looked at trailers. His mother gave him a twenty dollar bill and told him to go out for pizza with friends. After running out the door before his mom could change her mind, He'd called some friends and told him to meet him at the pizza parlor. He'd ate as much pizza as he could hold and made his way home. He didn't see his parent's truck at the house,so just unlocked the door. After, closing the door a whole group of people jumped up and yelled "Surprise!!" His heart jumped after being scared so suddenly. He thanked everyone for the party. After everyone left, He went through his presents. Trevor found a outfit, a watch, a pair of black polo boots, and 50 dollars. Inside, he was disappointed for not getting any electronics. Then his mom and dad came out the back with a big box.His face automatically lit up. He opened it and found the "Sword Art Online" Game. Along with a console"We scraped up just enough for it."

Trevor fixed the game up to what it should be like and created his avatar. He walked around just learning about his surroundings when he was force teleported to the center of the Town Of Beginnings. After Kayaba Akihiko gives the challenges,he did as he said and looked into the mirror. Others around him broke down and cried. He sat on a neaby bench and watched. Watchlist Random page Recent changes


  • One-Handed Straight Swords
  • Acrobatics
  • Parry
  • Sprint
  • Blade Throwing


  • Dexterity-24
  • Perception-24
  • Constitution-20
  • Intelligence-20
  • Strength-20
  • Charisma-9
  • Willpower-10


Kano isn't the most smiley guy.He will laugh at few jokes.Even crack some.He's a approaching person.Sometimes he might not talk at all and just replies.He does talk to sum he trusts.For some reason girls simply adore him.He is romantic when the time is right.


Trevor's choice of weapon is a Longsword.He likes  color and balance of the weapon.


Kano's weapon

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