The Lungfish is a huge amphibious fish-like creature found in the largest lake in the 22nd Floor of Aincrad that's classified as "King of the Lake". It can only be encountered by using a special bait and have enough mastery of fishing skill. Once the Lungfish has taken the bait and appears, you, as the fisher, fight it for its amazing meat.


A Lungfish resembles a fish, somewhat, with a few differences. Its eyes are a glowing red and it has four legs all with webbed feet, because of this it has the ability to swim and walk on land. The Lungfish also has orange-colored skin with whiskers protruding from its face. Its movement is silly and almost makes the point of battling it more amusing than serious. The Lungfish's main points of attack include luging and biting down on its opponents; it will also use its large body to slam down on people as well.

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