Miko Haru is a young girl at about the age of nine. Her parents were killed in a car accident and left her alone with only her older brother, Senji Haru, to care for her. After some time, Miko grew to greatly depend on her older brother for everything. Miko cares for her brother and how much he tries to keep her safe from harm.


Miko is a young girl with dimmed purple eyes and notable and equally dimmed long hair. She's small (standing at only 4'6).

Personality and AttributesEdit

Miko is a sweet and shy girl, but will also show small signs of aggression when something strange happens to either her or something around her. Like most little kids, she's very curious about everything and throws fits when things don't always go her way. More than anything, though, she tends to act bigger than she really is. Her older brother is her role model and someone that she generally looks up to with the upmost respect.

She's very smart and able to think quickly when given a situation that might cause others to breakdown in pressure. Being a kid, she's not very strong or capable of performing to higher standards like most people.


Miko shares a close bond with her older brother: Senji Haru. After their parents were killed, Miko fell deeply into a shy and depressed state that Senji was also feeling. They only had each other around and needed each other more than they intentionally knew at first. While growing up, Miko became solely dependent on her older brother; from walking to and from school, to having her meals cooked and being tucked into bed.

After about three months, her older brother soon became enveloped into video games and began neglecting the activities that they used to do together. Striving to get her brother's attention back, she rebelled and unplugged a game that he was playing for the World Championship. The reaction that she was hoping to get was quite the opposite of what really happened. Senji lashed out at her and knocked her out with a powerful punch to the left temple.

The police took custody of Miko and placed Senji under house arrest until the case could be resolved and Senji was determined fit and sane enough to take care of Miko. The custody case lasted four weeks and Miko was finally returned to Senji safe and sound.

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