The Moxurn Entertainment Arena, a vastly spaced and riveting sight for warriors and crowds to watch in awe of fantastic brawls that are soon to take place.

Moxurn Arena

The Moxurn Arena

Appearance Edit

The entire arena is hung to a single point high above the actual fighting zone. Giant chains are what hold up the arena from tumbling down the cliff. The stands are wrapped comfortably around the side of the arena that connects to the cliff's side. Most of the arena is oval-shaped and gives no cover of any sorts for players to hide behind.

Popularity Edit

Thousands of residents flock to the arena to watch the vicious battles that take place between warriors. They cheer and applaud the stunning performances that take place. The entire arena is fitted to allow spectators a full view of every strike, every counterattack, and every block. The crowds that come demand absolute perfection when watching duels, and this arena delivers that and more.

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