Oculous the Engraved is the ninth "Titan Ten" boss who guards Floor 98 of Castle Incrad. Compared to the others, Oculous is the most powerful of them. No detailed information is capable to describe his power.

Oculous the Engraved

Oculous the Engraved

Oculous the Engraved is a hulking brute with immense strength, unstoppable power, and amazing resiliency. His general structure consists of heavy armor, large, spiked forearms, and a giant build in the upper torso. He stands over thirty feet in height and becomes more powerful with every hit that it both takes and delivers.

Strength Build Edit

"Strength Build" is a special ability that Oculous has in which it can build up its strength and attack by purposely taking and delivering damage. This skill is capable of stacking multiple times, producing his special attack. This attack is capable of shattering anything hit by it.

Oculous Punch Edit

The "Oculous Punch" is a special ability that this boss possess. After generating enough power from its "Strength Build" skill, Oculous can activate this ability and charge a massive amount of damage into a single punch. This ability is unstoppable. Nothing can block it.


If this punch makes contact with a player who attempts to block it, their weapons will shatter (regardless of resiliency). A direct hit with the actual player will almost certainly kill them instantly. Oculous is capable of using this skill multiple times. However, the "Strength Build" skill must absorb the required amount of damage to activate it. Signs to notice this skill's activation is his right or left fist glowing a bright red color as strong winds swirl around it. His eyes will also glow a bright red color.

His overall power is unmeasurable. While the "Oculous Punch" is unstoppable, it can be outmaneuvered. Speed and teamwork will ensure victory over this boss. Even the strongest gear will not hold up to the special ability. Strength in numbers will tip the scale in the players' favor.

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