Name: Reaper (Real name only given to trusted individuals.)

Age: 20

Height: 6'7"

Hair: Long, spiky, white.

Body type: Very thin.

Skin color: Pale White.

Eye Color: Red.

Appearance: (Incognito) A long red coat with its hood pulled back, and a pair of black boots and gloves. (As Guildmaster) A long black cloak with red accents, the hood pulled up, and a facemask covering his mouth. Black boots, and a pair of silver, scaled cestus'.

Occupation: Red Guildmaster, Laughing Coffin.

Weapons of choice: One black 8' Scythe with a 5' blade. Two 2' mini Scythes with 2.5' blades. One Masamune Katana with a 5' red blade.

Summary: Reaper was one of the few who accepted life in the death game from the start. Having been bored and uninterested in the day-to-day routine of life IRL, he saw SAO as the ultimate escape and looked down upon those who refused the challenge set before them. As the first month passed, he discovered that stealth came naturally to him, allowing him to take most weapons and items without much hassle. Soon after, he committed a sin that he thought himself incapable of. He took the life of a Player, a Weapons merchant. Coincidentally enough, earning his first Scythe in the process. Guilt tore at his conscience, destroying his sense of morality and eventually turning him into a person void of sympathy. Weeks before the fall of Illfang, his wake only grew bloodier as he found more and more players bearing items and weapons too tempting to resist. He became stronger, not to defeat the monsters of the Death Game, but to hunt and kill stronger players with greater prizes. Finally, once the third floor became accessible, it happened. A player he had been tracking approached him with a strange request, to kill another player who had been harassing them for being so weak. Reaper, after thinking heavily on it, accepted and followed the target into the wild before slaying him with ease and taking everything he had. Afterwards, payment was received, and thus the Red Guild, Laughing Coffin, was created... 

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