Sanity Holder
Vital statistics
Type Straight Sword (Standard)
Effects Standard Damage (No effects)
Source {{{source}}}
Cost to buy None
Cost to sell 15 Col

Redemption is the first weapon that Senji spawns with when he enters the Town of Beginnings on the First Floor. It is the weapon that holds his very sanity together. Without it, he would progress into dangerous and unstable problems. Why the weapon is what keeps him from doing this is beyond anyone's understanding. Senji does not even know why the weapon keeps him sane. Having a weapon of any kind would keep him sane, but Redemption brings his sanity to peace.

Through everything, Senji will keep hold of this weapon in his inventory no matter what. He will refuse to delete or sell it, regardless of the better loot that he could obtain in the process. His reasons for doing so lie deep within his own thoughts and he refuses to tell anybody why he won't depart with it.

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