• Sargoth
  • Herbalist Flora's Station


NPCs IncludedEdit

  • Herbalist Flora

Herbalist FloraEdit

Herbalist Flora: She where's a green blouse. She is a master of herbalism. She has been an herbalist for a long itme, she had never stop treating the ill. Her caring personality causes her to put other people before herself.



A group of citizens in Sargoth have been affected by a common disease that can easily cured with a medicine made with the petals of the Primrose flower, grounded boar tusk and river water. Flora's has been too occupied looking after the people that she didn't have time to gather the ingredients. So she pleads you to gather it for her, but with a reward of course.


Talk to Flora -> Gather 10 Primroses -> Kill 3 Boars and take their tusks -> Take the 2 bottles and fill it with water form the river -> Return to Flora with the materials


Before Beginning QuestEdit

Oh hi there, I'm am the Herbalist here in Sargoth, these people are very sick. May I ask you for a favor? I am currently too occupied to go out and gather the plants for the medicine. Please do it for these ill people, go to the south eastern area of Sargoth, that is where the Primrose plant grows. Gather 10 Primroses for me. I do not want to ask too much from you, but take these 2 bottle and fill it with the water from the river and then kill 3 boars, take their tusks back to me. For these people I give you my greatest gratitude.

After Completing the QuestEdit

Thank you! I'm so sorry, I gotta get straight to work. Take this as a gift of our gratitude.


  • 300 EXP
  • 350 Col
  • Herbalist Bag (Allows you to keep your herb in it, for her thank, Flora filled it with some herbs already)
  • Primrose Potion (Heals 10 HP every 10 seconds for 1 minute)

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