Restlanders' Field is a special part of Direhollow Park that is mostly used by players that wish to look for exotic plants and spices. Several plants of various tastes, sizes, colors, and scents bloom there everyday.


Restlanders' Field's "Flower layers"

Appearance Edit

Restlanders' Field is a beautiful, wide open range of ever-expanding and blooming flowers. These flowers are described when looking uphill as "reaching the sky". The field itself is home to several variants of unusual flowers that would not normally be seen elsewhere in Castle Incrad. Due to this part, cooks come here to gather up valuable and pricy herbs, spices, and remedies. The largest supply of health vials come from some of the plants found here.

Additional Information Edit

The blue skies offer a serine place for any visitor to relax and enjoy themselves here. However, most come here to gather up special flowers for items of great interest. Cooks come here to gather the herbs and spices for creative and new dishes. Overall, Restlanders' Field is a stunning place to visit and will leave an lasting impression on all who decide to visit it.

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