IRL name: Rizuki Shiro.

In-game name: Savage


Rizuki in the Real World

D.OB.: May 8 1998. Age 24

General Appearance: Tall, slender grayish skin color; stronger than he looks. Silver eyes and long hair

Gender: Male

Future occupation: Tracker- A person who stalks and plays with his/her food /Guild member and a merchant.


Strength: 20

Cons.: 12.5

Dex.: 25



Intel.: 25

Charisma: 5

Willpower: 12.5

Perception: 25


Musical instrument/ cooking

Silent movement, acrobatics, sprinting, sleuthing

Razor wire, one handed curve blade

History: Rizuki had a bad case anti social personality disorder. He also didn't like it when people addressed it, so as you could guess this lead to some conflict, and on one occasion he ripped his schoolmate's eyes out for pointing at him in a suggestive manner.

Personality: He thinks of himself as a bear but he does on occasion he does let off some steam.

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