Roleplaying its self is a very simple thing to do but is easily messed up.  While roleplaying be sure to use as many details as possible so others can get a visage in their heads of what is going on.  The more details the better, but not enough to write a book.

The roleplay will be held on a separate forums located here:


  • Act like your character would, if you have trouble doing this base your character around yourself and how YOU would act.
  • Use details, but don't go overboard.


You are out hunting some monsters when an admin jumps in on your roleplay.  He/she adds in, "In the far distance you see a small figure moving slowly towards you.    You are unable to identify whether they are a special monster or a player with a cloak.  What do you do?"

Option 1

Being a curious player you continue farming your monsters as the figure moves closer.  After about 6 monster have been defeated by your blade you can easily see that the figure is a player.  As you finish the seventh monster and begin waving towards him/her,  the figure darts towards you and swings their blade which takes nearly 29% of your life and paralyzes you.  As you fall to the floor the figure laughed like a maniac and begins mumbling.

"Yes.. Yes.. Yes..  Another one will be peeeerrfeeect!"

Upon a closer look, you see a glove with a coffin on it and quickly realize your fate.  You desperately try to move your arms and legs but nothing happens.  You glance to your life bar which is roughly 80% full after battle healing restores some life from the previous cheap shot.  The Laughing Coffin member kneels down next to you and grabs your hand.  He opens the menu and asks to trade with you.  Since he's in control he moves your hand and accepts the trade before transferring all Col and valuable items into the trade.  After accepting the trade the maniac draws his blade and slowly lunges it into your body.

"N-no!  Please don't!"  you cry out while still trying to move.  

The figure simply laughs and replies

"WHAT WAS THAT?! I couldn't heaaarr youuu!"

The figure slams his blade back into your character and you look to the HP bar on the top left of your monitor.  You life is now in the red zone and dropping quickly.  You scream out, hoping someone is nearby.  The maniac then stops what he's doing and darts away as another player dressed in clad black lands next to your character.  He places a teleport crystal in your hand and tell you to say "Teleport: City of Beginnings!"  You do so,  and get teleported to the starting area.  The other player then teleports in after you.

"Hi, I'm Kirito, glad I made it in time."

Option 2:

Being a careful player you didn't want to take any risks and immediately teleport yourself away.  

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