This specific page is meant for the admin to keep track of weaponry, experience, damage, leveling, etc...

Refrain from editing this page as the admin will constantly be revising it to display recent roleplay activity. Thank you.


Reaper [Level 45] (Current Experience: 200000XP; Gold: 23225)

Segra [Level 44] (Current Experience: 190340XP; Gold: 21870

Savage [Level 2] (Current Experience: 300XP; Gold: 350)

Valera [Level 45] (Current Experience: 200000XP; Gold: 22560)

Damage: (Formula)

x+x(.y)+.z[x+x(.y)] (NOTE: ROUND UP)

  • “x” = Weapon's base damage value
  • “y” = Strength
  • “z” = Dexterity

Constitution (Resistance)

250 + (x-1)150 + x(y*5)

  • Level = “x
  • Constitution = “y

This is where the numbers comes from.

  • “250” is the base starting health.
  • “x-1(150)” is the formula that gives you bonus life each level you go up.
  • “x(y*5)” is the formula that gives you bonus life based on your constitution.

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