Sangria Lake, a festive spot for any expert or amateur fisher to catch some hefty eats. However, fishing in this lake could give some surprises that not all fishermen are prepared for.

Sangria Lake

Sangria Lake

Appearance Edit

Sangria Lake is a beautiful mountain-side lake with rolling grass plains and towering mountains that offer great amounts of shade to a relaxing time of fishing. While there, some wildlife might appear and drink from the lake. All are welcome to enjoy fishing and swimming in the lake. The lake itself is glistening in the warm glow of the sun as life swims through its varying currents.

Fishing Edit

This location is perfect for beginners or people who have spent their time doing nothing but thinking about fishing. Either way, both sides of the fishing rod benefit from Sangria Lake. The various kinds of fish that swim through it bring cooks a smile at the wonderful amounts of dishes that can be made.

Some of the fish that inhabit this lake include:

  • Clamster
  • Sigru
  • Jyrgyl
  • Myrker
  • Chorym
  • Gostul

Special Fishing Event! Edit

All who decide to visit the lake will soon be given the opportunity to earn some extra money while they're staying there. A special activity/event screen will appear and give the following quest:


Sangria Lake Beast

Kill the Beast!: Slay the beast of Sangria Lake.

  • Requirements: Must slay within a days time.
  • Rewards: 150EXP, 200 Col, Flitzgrall Axe

Appearance Edit

The Sangria Beast is a deadly beast that is not easily spotted nor tricked by conventional fishing methods. Only skilled fishers can use their higher levels to lure this beast in. A recommended method of defeating it is to have a strong fisher and swordsman/swords-maid cooperate. The skilled fisher will reel in the beast and allow their strong fighter to handle the rest. However, not all people can cooperate this way.

Its body is essentially snake-like with four legs. Flippers are attached to each to allow it to swim much faster, and its slender body allows it to pass through the water easily. From the chest up is its deadly, jagged-toothed mouth. Its skin is as tough as rock, making some hits ineffective.


A Myrker


Sigru Pair


A Chorym


A Gostul


A Clamster


A Jyrgyl

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