Satogus the Impure is the eighth "Titan Ten" boss that guards Floor 97 of Castle Incrad. Satogus is another of the giant monsters that appears on the last ten floors of SAO.

Satogus the Impure

Satogus the Impure

Satogus the Impure Edit

Satogus the Impure is the colossal water-type boss that guards the way to Floor 97. The boss floor itself is a raging ocean with only small rock islands. Satogus will appear once all players have made it safely to one of these islands. Its appearance is a giant creature with four arms, large tentacles, and four giant legs. His skin is scaly brown with a mildly rough texture. The Cardinal System is unable to register its strength, level, and power.

Satogus is an aquatic-based boss, meaning that he will remain in the water during the entire duration of the fight. His size, alone, takes up a large portion of the entire field and he will make several attempts to knock players into the revenging waters below. To allow players a fair chance against it, the waters will, on occasion, knock Satogus off track during an attack that would surely kill a player. Other advantages will aid the players during the battle because he is one of the final three bosses to encounter.

Power Edit

The SAO control system (known as the Cardinal System) is unable to completely register the bosses' strength. As a result, extreme caution is recommended while fighting Satogus. Teamwork is essential to avoiding its many attacks and flailing tentacles. Once Satogus is near death (last bar at 5%) he will engage an "enraged mode" as a last ditch effort to kill every player. Only with the best speed can players hope to outmatch his overwhelming size.

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