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Basic Info
Full Name Satsugai Akuma
Title ???
Player Type Beater, Solo Player, Clearer, Mercenary, and Player Killer and Thief (For both, it only occurs when he is unable to control his split personality, see history, he will not kill those who help him or have the mean of winning...)
Birth Date March 8th, 2005
Age 17
Gender Male
Status Alive
Hometown Tokyo, Japan
Family None

He never had a home, his mother and father abandoned him on the streets at the streets when he was 7, even the times they were with him, they were always harsh. Abusing him, and hitting him. They would give him living conditions not even fit for a human, forcing him to train for hours every day. He was always bullied, and hurt and every night he would cry himself to sleep. He was always an outcast. After all those years of tormenting it caused him to have a split personality and he has become paranoid of the world. To cover his pain, he went to drugs, almost dying due to an overdose. He was found with a Alcohol Bottle and Needle beside him on the floor. He was then sent to a rehab center for trouble teens. When he left the center he signed up for beta testing of a new VRMMORPG, Sword Art Online. His only cause to play the game was to kill. He made a well played scheme, killing his parents without a trace of fingerprints or anything that will lead the police to him, it was all perfectly worked out. But some of the nighbours said that they heard a faint laughter that night from the house. He has always thought that if his family was willing to torment him like they did, he will make everyone suffer and feel the pain he went through... But as he played the game more the meaning of friendship and party enlightened the burden of his real life. He was able to put down the problems he had in his real life, and abandoned the thoughts of player killing he once had.
However during some times he would not be able to control himself and would go on an outburst for revenge. The day that the game was released, he stole the game from the store. 
He put on the Nerve Gear, he knew that he has to do what has to be done. After Kayaba Akihiko announced the start of this deathgame, he watched the other players in shock, he sat there on a bench smirking. After spending time with people in the game during Beta Testing he came across something he never felt in real life.
Although the pain he had is forever scarred in his life, he swore that he will only kill those who are in need of a judgement, from a true executor... He has always hidden the truth about his real life among others, because he knew that if they knew, they would treat him like others do back in the real world. But you never know when his split personality will come in, maybe he will start the massacre, only time will tell...


  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
Weapon Masterworked One Handed Straight Sword
Secondary (Backup) Weapon ???
Level 5
HP 1237.5
Skill Slots 5
Strength ???
Constitution ???
Dexterity ???
Intelligence ???
Charisma ???
Willpower ???
Perception ???
Theme Song
Cytus - Loom by Sta03:33

Cytus - Loom by Sta

Amnesia - Zoetrope04:20

Amnesia - Zoetrope


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