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Basic Info
Full Name Karen Koizumi
Player Type Self-Proclaimed Beater, Clearer (somewhat), Beta Tester, Information Broker
Birth Date February 19, 2004
Age 18
Gender Female
Status Alive
Hometown Arcadia, Nebraska
Family Clara Koizumi & Garrett Koizumi


Karen was born in a small village called Arcadia in the state of Nebraska in the United States to Clara Koizumi who's a highly skilled military strategist and Garrett Koizumi who's skilled in computer animation and character design. Karen enjoyed the life she lived in Arcadia often running in the many fields near her house with her friends having great amounts of fun, often playing mock war battles with water guns, to avoid causing lasting damage to the person who got hit, with Clara often overseeing these mock battles whenever she was home from her assignments.

When Karen turned 10, Garrett began making many business trips to the country of Japan to begin setting up a new independent company designing highly detailed character models in both 2d and 3d formats for any kind of game imaginable. After 3 years of doing this, Garrett finally achieved all the resources to establish this company and decides to move his family, with their approval, from the small village of Arcadia to the heart of Japan: Kyoto. It's around this time when Karen began using hair dye for her new start. She dyed it green, when her real hair color is Amber, with the NerveGear scanning the green hair color instead of the amber color.

Karen made a small group of very close friends when she began attending school, one of these friends was a teenager named Makoto who she was relatively close to. Makoto was one of her closest friends until he was forced to move to a small village called Chibu in the Shimane prefecture. Despite the long distance, they kept in contact whenever possible.

After 2 years of living in the city of Kyoto, Garrett's company, which has made alot of business and built a very strong reputation for designing excellent character designs, has been offered a very unique contract: Designing the NPCs and monsters for the first notable VRMMORPG: Sword Art Online. Garrett accepted the contract on the condition that his daughter: Karen be given a spot in beta testing, which Argus accepted because of their excellent reputation.

When the beta testing began, Karen surprisingly created a male character she named Solaris, and took great lengths to make a reputation of a masked warrior that would seemingly appear at any moment to protect the weak.

Sol (Disguised)

The Masked Guardian

She continued this persona during the official release, but Kayaba's announcement of the change destroyed the legitmancy of her reputation, so she had to start a new slate: a very well-informed information broker.

Her upbringing allowed her to learn a great number of military strategies, which she's going to be applying on the frontlines to boost the overall combat strength of the clearers.

If it wasn't for the fact that Makoto, mentally broken as he was, helped console Karen when she was close to losing her mind, she may not have been able to push forward when the announcement was made. When Makoto, who created an avatar called Viper, became a 'PKer', he made hints here and there that Karen is one of the primary people on his watchlist, whatever that means.


Karen was very happy go lucky as a child because of her friends in Arcadia, but as she grew up, her attitude has been tempered significantly, but she still has her moments of happy go lucky. Karen was tempted to try exploring a different career as an artist before she was trapped in SAO. But after experiencing first hand the power of strategists, she decided that she would eventually become a military strategist like her mother if she survived SAO but doing work as an artist as a hobby, while keeping in touch with her friends who survive SAO.

Character Song:Edit

Karen's favorite song is DreamRiser because of her strong skills as a strategist and her desire to guide her fellow players to clear the game effectively.

  • Two-Handed Assault Spear
  • Cooking
  • Bartering
  • Detection
  • Extended Weight Limit
Assault Spear
Weapon Two-Handed Assault Spear
Level 1
HP 315
Skill Slots 5
Strength 12
Constitution 13
Dexterity 12
Intelligence 25
Charisma 25
Willpower 20


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