Tagarus the Servitor

Tagarus the Servitor

Tagarus the Servitor is the seventh "Titan Ten" boss that guards Floor 97 of Castle Incrad. Tagarus is a massive centipede creature with a gaping mouth. Several portions of its long body are weakly armored, except its head, midsection, and tail. Most of its legs have sharp tips and will enable it to pierce multiple enemies at once, effectively trampling them in the process.

Anatomy Edit

Tagarus is a giant work creature with an enlarged midsection. It overwhelming size, accompanied by it maneuvering, allow it to swiftly dodge attacks. However, as with its size comes a significant drop in its speed. Its long tail allows for a "whip" weapon.

Attack Patterns Edit

Tagarus' attacks are mostly based on its basic momentum. A better momentum will allow it to smash into enemies. Apart from its basic size, Tagarus is able to slash at his enemies with its long, scythe-like legs.

Composure Edit

This boss is challenging to combat because of its massive size and swift movements. Because it is so powerful, the Cardinal System, like the other "Titan Ten" bosses, cannot register its power, level, or strength. It is able to trample anything and everything in its path and will search for the strongest players to kill. It is programmed to root out the most powerful players in the group and focus solely on them. It will ignore all other players until it has eliminated the target player(s). This is the only boss that has this programming in it. Likely, this boss was implemented with this feature to add difficulty and force players to use strategy to both attack and defend the others as a functioning team. Fighting it alone would prove impossible, regardless of skill and level. Until it is defeated, it will ignore all low-leveled players and attack the higher ranked ones.

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