Tartarus Abyss
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Personal Info
Name Chrome Designer

Chrome Changer Dr. Designer Dr. Changer

Birthday Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Eyes Unknown
Hair Unknown
Unusual Features Unknown
Place of Residence Unknown
Family Unknown
Player Profile
Display Name Tartarus Abyss
Kanji タルタロスアビス
Romanji Tarutarosuabisu
Epithet The Dark Golden Knight

The Dark Black Knight

VRMMORPGs Played Sword Art Online

ALfheim Online Gun Gale Online Over Galaxy World Online

Occupation Nexus Яeverse
Previous Occupation Dark Emperors (SAO)
Affiliation Leader of the Nexus Яeverse
Previous Affiliation Leader of the Dark Emperors
Status Active
Voice Actor Jon Smethen

Tartarus Abyss (タルタロスアビス Tarutarosuabisu) is the leader of the Nexus Яeverse and frist former Dark Emperor leader of the Dark Emperors in Sword Art Online light novel, anime and manga series.

His past real name is known as Chrome Designer or Dr. Chrome the mysterious man that created the not finished product of «Over Galaxy World Online».



    1. Real World / Sword Art Online / ALfheim Online / Gun Gale Online
  1. Personality
  2. Background
  3. Chronology
    1. Wiseman Resolution Arc
    2. Nexus Яeverse Arc
    3. World Domination Arc
    4. Over Galaxy World Online Arc


Real World / Sword Art Online / ALfheim Online / Gun Gale OnlineEditEdit

During the past of «ALfheim Online» and «Gun Gale Online», Tartarus's avatar was the same in both games having a sliver and black armor with black wings, a red sword with a red gem on it and his face with a lions mouth and a red gem on the center of his forhead.

In «Sword Art Online», his appearance changes completely calling it the "Transfiguration Ara" in witch his sliver and black armor body was covered in a golden armor suit with green gems on his chest and a green gem replacing his red gem on the center of his forhead. His wings were changed into a long red and blue cape and his eyes were replaced with six red eyes.


Tartarus's is a cold hearted leader believing that one(s) with power can only survive in the real world and that only one can lead everyone in online to balance judgement and order. He pretendes to care about his follow Nexus Яeverse members and tricking or controling them into doing full on damage to there opponents showing no mercy or pity.


Born on September 17, 7007,  Tartarus Abyss/Chrome Changer was a scientist at Z-Gala Industries, humanity's accelerated to evolution leading to a better and peaceful society. However that all changed when meteors started to crash down onto earth creating huge impacts on the earths surface, destroying citys and many lives. The meteors destroyed the Z-Gala Industries building causing Chrome to get injured, losing his left arm and right leg, in the process sending himself back in time 


Wiseman Resolution ArcEditEdit

He is seen in episode 272

Nexus Яeverse ArcEditEdit

World Domination ArcEditEdit

Over Galaxy World Online ArcEditEdit


"Humans are always fighting like little children, making a huge mess out of everything. Then I've got to come and clean it all up."

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