The Cavalier Reaper (Exalted Form)

The Cavalier ReaperEdit

The Cavalier Reaper is the boss on Floor 25. Its primary attacks include ramming with its armored horse, Nightmare; slashing opponents with the large scythe; and unleashing its special attack when close enough to a player. 

Appearance Edit

The Reaper is well hidden behind a veil of black robes and shows no expression of its face. The horse that it rides is plated in light armor, giving it a faster time to react to enemy's attacks. No human-like features are present to the eye.

  • Long, black robe concealing entire body
  • Horse, Nightmare, plated in light, black armor.

Attacks Edit

The Cavalier Reaper is capable of using a select few attacks. Most of its attacks derive from Nightmare charging at the player. Its scythe is capable of inflicting poison damage on a struck player.

Special Attack: Hand of the Reaper Edit

The Cavalier Reaper is capable of using its special attack attack once every time one of its three health bars are depleted to zero. He will charge a player and grab him/her by their face. A surge of dark energy will deplete that player's HP to under 15% and inflict poison and paralysis damage on them.


The Cavalier Reaper (Ascended Form)

The Cavalier Reaper (Ascended Form) Edit

This form will occur if, and only if, Nightmare is slain before the rider is. The Reaper will gain the ability to levitate and his scythe will enlarge to house a bigger blade.

The Cavalier Reaper
Underworld Reaper
Vital statistics
Title Grim Reaper
Gender Unknown (Male)
Race Undead
Faction Boss
Health 4000HP (Rider); 1300HP (Nightmare)
Level 25-30
Status Active
Location Floor 25

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