The Fogged Locust is a filthy, disgusting beast that guards the boss room on Floor 15. His brutality and strength make him a formidable opponent to any who face him alone, or in small groups.

The Fogged Locust

The Fogged Locust

Appearance Edit

The Fogged Locust's appearance is one that is both grotesque and horrific. It stands about twelve feet with glowing red eyes. It wears a long cape around its neck and a tattered cloth around its waist.

Abilities Edit

The Locust's abilities enable it to effectively attack and confuse its opponents while inflicting large quantities of damage. It's abilities include increased speed and strength, and resiliency when faced with overwhelming odds. Being a demonic creature, it is also capable of summoning its faithful and deadly warriors: The Damned Tribesmen.

Minions: Damned Tribesmen Edit

The Damned Tribesmen are faithful warriors that fight alongside their master at his calling. Only a total of ten may ever be present on the field at one time. All minions must be slain before ten more may be allowed to appear.

Damned Tribesmen Soldier
Damned Tribesmen
Locust Servant
Vital statistics
Title Undead Sleepwalker
Gender Unknown
Race Undead
Faction Minion
Health {{{health}}}
Level {{{level}}}
Status Active
Location Floor 15 (Boss Room)

The Locust is able to summon a max amount of ten of its minions at any time. However, all of the minions must be slain before anymore are capable of appearing. The minions will stop at nothing to protect their master from any and all incoming damage.

Their means of attacking are simple moves, enabling quick and easy success is defeating multiple minions with only a few strikes.

Though it is easy to defeat them, they will work together in order to overwhelm and confuse their opponents.

Strengths (Fogged Locust) Edit

Most of its strengths lie in its brutal attacks and quick movements. Its appearance adds to its intimidation. Many of its primary attacks revolve around brute strength, making blocking and speed an effective method to avoiding most of its attacks.

Weaknesses (Fogged Locust) Edit

Its weaknesses include its inability to resist elemental attachments to players' weapons. While it can better block standard damaging weaponry, elemental assisted weaponry depletes its chances of blocking.

Special Item Edit

The last hit bonus on any boss will deliver a unique item that can only be earned through killing that boss. The Fogged Locust's special item is known as the Condemned Great Axe.

Condemned Great Axe


The Great Axe known only by its master as "Condemned" was forged to hold its power and great evil. However, the axe, once obtained, can infect the player, making him/her have thought about evil intentions. Legend tells that only a warrior of true heart and soul can overpower its advances.

Those who do not possess such ability will forever be plagued by the evil powers which reside inside the weapon. Without warning, it may harness and drain the health from its wielder. Warnings about using the weapon have been included within the game by the creators as they fear the weapon's power in such an early point within the game.

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