The Game Master holds absolute authority and power over the events that occur throughout SAO Roleplay. It is a force, not a person. It may, however, take on the form of a boss or important character within the roleplay itself. A quest giving NPC may be the Game Master influencing the actions that it takes, or the boss that stands before you; no matter the situation, it holds the power to affect the actions that players take when trapped in a death game.

Game Master

The Game Master Symbol

The Game Master has a specific set of rules that it must abide by, less it be terminated. Some the rules include:

  • Record keeping of all Quests, Items, Experience, and Gold acquired.
  • Not tip the scale of the battle into either side's favor.
  • Abide by set rules of the Roleplay Policies.
  • No overpowering items, enchantments, bosses, monsters, or players.

The Game Master has only one task to uphold: Progress the Roleplay! It's only task is to further advance the Roleplay and enable players a fair and equal chance at regaining the lives they left behind.

Questions Edit

Any questions relating to any topic about Roleplay can be directed at two sources. Veteran users that have Roleplayed for long periods of time, or toward the Game Master.

Identity Edit

User of the Game Master: BenderGreg1789

Introduction Edit

Hello to anyone that is currently reading this page. I'm happy to meet you and to also take on a huge responsibility within the Sword Art Online Roleplay Community. I will uphold the policies and rules set by the Admins before me. I also promise to follow the rules listed above, allowing every current and new member an enjoyable experience as we conquer Castle Incrad together.

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