The Skull Reaper:


Sword Art Online - 13 - Large 32

The Skull Reaper

The Skull Reaper is the most lethal of the bosses seen so far, easily claiming the lives of 24 players before being slain. Despite being weaker than the Fatal Scythe, Skull Reaper still inflicts large amount of damage, being able to kill high-level players with one hit. The Skull Reaper, befitting its centipede-like appearance, was able to move very quickly to outmaneuver the players, making it extremely difficult to avoid being hit by its attacks. Its huge and long body also makes it difficult to avoid the creature's strikes.

Its general appearance is skeletal with several pairs of legs. This feature enables the Skull Reaper to travel swiftly across the battlefield and deliver fast attacks when able to. The blades on each of its arms measures an approximate twenty feet. Its bendable body enables swift locomotion and the ability to hang from walls, ceilings, etc.


Skull Reaper's health bars

Its five health bars provide a sufficient amount of time to attack and kill as many players as needed. So far, the battle took the lives of 24 players within the time. Skills useful to outsmarting it would be to include a large defense and strong blocking techniques. Attacking it from above would also prove effective as it must contort its body to move upwards. The undercarriage of the boss is generally exposed and is easily accessible if the player is quick enough to dodge its attacks.