Inside a craftsman shop on the outer village (surrounded by wooden walls) stands an elderly man, Old Man Jimmy.  He offers players his wisdom of gathering minerals and removing hides from animals.  He has been working on a project for years which has been using up his saved up Kol and reserves of minerals and hides.  Now, he asks for passing travelers to deliver to him 10 Wolf Hides or 5 Iron Ores


You there, youngin'!  How about helpin' ol' Jimmy with his masterpiece?  I'll share my knowledge with ya if ya do...   Some good stuff there! Hehehe **Cough Cough** Hehe!


Find and kill the monster "Wolf".  Harvest 10 Wolf Hides and return them to Old Man Jimmy


Find veins of Iron Ore.  Harvest 5 Iron Ore and return them to Old Man Jimmy.


Access to the Non-Combat Skill  "Resource Refining"

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