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Basic Info
Full Name Youko Tsukiko
Title The Incomprehensible Slayer
Player Type Duo player
Birth Date December 27, 1998
Age 23
Gender Male
Status Alive
Hometown Yamato
Family Youko Chouko (sister)
Zhong Xun (stepbrother)


Youko Tsukiko was born on December 27, 1998. When he was young, his father left him to be a great gamer, So his mother had to take care of him. While growing up they had a limited amount of money so he barely had new clothes and he always got bullied because everyone mistook him for a girl, he had very long hair. This caused him to grow very solidary and he cut his hair short with a pair of scissors. He did loads of weird tests which were very bad for the computer and one time it exploded and then he got beat up by his mother. Because of that beating he became emotionally unstable and he was able to get beaten by others without him getting hurt alot. When his mother married another man, he had a new stepbrother named Zhong Xun, who was about the same age as Tsukiko. Xun made sure Tsukiko passed his tests. This wasn't that hard because Tsukiko was a fast learner.

When Xun and Tsukiko went to the college in the country, Tsukiko's mother passed away and since then he started to behave insubordinate. Because of that he got kicked out of school and he lost contact with Xun. To replace that empty spot in his heart he bought a pet dog. He named it Akinobu Trust. But that dog could not replace Xun. Eventually Tsukiko got drunk a lot and dated a lot of girls he believed to be the one. Many girls branded him as a fuckboy.

Years passed and Tsukiko was trying to become a better person by stopping with drinking and doing drugs. After a time he received a letter from his grandmother that Xun's dad passed away as well. Tsukiko wanted to visit Xun but he has no connections to Xun. He thinks this is very strange because Tsukiko's grandmother doesn't know it, normally she knows everyone's location. A certain day he was looking for a new book to read in the bookstore. There he asked an employee for a suggestion but the girl accidently spoiled a story. Tsukiko was surprised by the way that girl tells stories. He really liked it and got in contact with the girl. Later she tells him that she is called Haruka and that she is studying at the same college as Tsukiko did. She knows a lot about Tsukiko because he was quite special in his time there. But she tells him that he is acting different from the stories she heard. So she is curious why everyone is telling so many bad things about him. They both have the same thoughts about the world so they barely communicate when near eachother. Somehow they send off signals to eachother.  Haruka is always trying to discover things about Tsukiko's past. One day she comes up to him with 3 copies of Sword Art Online. Tsukiko managed to make the gear compatible for Akinobu. So they can play it with eachother.  

When they arrive in the world of Sword Art Online they catch a glimpse of Xun, they quickly run towards him Xun sees this as a hostile movement and runs But because none of them are agile enough to catch up to him, he escaped. Tsuko is a very big giant which can deal massive blows with his enormous sword. He also uses this sword to parry attacks so he survives longer in a fight.  Akinobu will be dealing swift attacks and has high chances to dodge attacks. To help the team Haruka rolled a shaman to heal the team and increase their damage. 

Tsukiko is a very silent and mysterious person and doesn't really talk to other except Haruka. Tsukiko's biggest driving forces are the will to see his father and wanting to see Xun once again. He thinks his father will only recognize him when Tsukiko is the best player in the game.



Strength 22

Constitution 25

Dexterity 5

Intelligence 20

Charisma 3

Willpower 21

Perception 16

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