Hi guys. My name is FedeTkd, I'm an admin in Sword Art Online Fanon Wikia. I came here to recomend you all to join our wikia, since we are actually getting many new users and the site is growing a lot. Since this site doesn't have to much activity, I thought it would be stupid for you all to remain here.

I wanna point out that SAOF wikia IS NOT a role-play wikia. We just made one role-play and it turned out horrible. But as soon as we have more recurent users, we will have a better one.

I apologize if I made grammar or spelling mistakes (English is not my first lenguage), but I totally recomend you all to join our site!

Link: Sword Art Online Fanon Wikia

Come Soon!

FedeTkd (talk) 22:28, September 12, 2014 (UTC)

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